Three Up Front Reasons To Install A Side Facing Sink

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A small bathroom may seem like a fate that you must accept if you plan to purchase the home it sits inside. Luckily, there are some ways to expand the floor space in the bathroom without having to knock down walls to increase the size of the room. If you want to make the best of a small bathroom one of the best ways to go about this is to install a side facing sink. Here are three up front reasons to place a side facing sink in your small restroom. 

No splashing on the floor

Side-facing sinks and faucets typically have a deep sink well. This means that as you run the water, wash your hands, or wash your face, there will be fewer splashes to the floor. The sink well will catch and drain most of the water, and you will be able to lean over the sink much closer. Standing towards the end of the sink, opposite of the faucet will provide you with the ability to lean as deep into the sink as necessary to wash. If you like to wash your children or pets in the sink, they can be on the side furthest from the sinks. so that they are not able to play with the faucet. 

Drains take up one side rather than the center

With typical bathroom faucets and cabinets, the drains underneath the sink sit in the center of the cabinet. This causes you to have to work to situate personal items around the large, metal pipes. With a wall mounted, side-facing bathroom faucet the pipes will sit to one side of the cabinets. This means that you will have the rest of the cabinet to line up your personal items without having the space broken up. This leaves you plenty of room to keep all of your personal care items under the cabinet, which is necessary inside of a small bathroom. 

Sinks are easier to clean

Side-facing bathroom sinks are much easier to clean. This is because the splash zone tends to be the inside of the sink itself. Since the sink is typically too small to leave products on, you will not develop discolored rings on the sink or rust from the bottoms of personal care bottles. This will keep the bathroom visually appealing and give it a larger feel. Since the sink well is longer than it is wide, you will be able to clean the interior of the sink without a few swipes.