Replacing The Carpet For Your Commercial Business? 3 Tips To Choose The Right Type

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If the carpeting in your commercial business is in bad shape, it can look bad to your customers, as well as your employees. Because of this, replacing the carpeting is a good idea. Commercial carpeting is not the same as residential carpeting however; and, if you have never purchased commercial carpeting before, you may find it difficult. Below are three tips to help you so you can make the right choice.

Carpet Color

The color can make a difference in how much dirt it shows. For example, for a commercial building a carpet with dark colored patterns works well. This is because this type of carpeting will not show stains and marks, so you would not have to clean the carpeting as often or replace the carpeting. This is especially true if the carpeting is installed in an area where spills are very frequent.

Dark colored carpeting will make a room look dark, however. If you have a lot of windows in the room, then this would not affect the lightness as much.

If you are installing carpeting in an office area, you can choose different colors and patterns. Light colored and solid carpeting would work well.

Carpet Cushion

Along with the carpeting, you need to also choose a carpet cushion, like a commercial acoustic carpet sponge. This is common for residential carpets, but this also work well for commercial carpeting.

Carpet cushioning can offer many benefits for you and your employees. For example, having a thick cushion installed is much more comfortable to walk on. Also, if you install the carpet in a noisy area of your business, the cushion will absorb sounds to make things much quieter. Make sure you tell the carpet installer that you need cushioning that will absorb sounds well, however. They can make sure they install the right thickness.

Commercial carpet pads are generally made of a synthetic material. This is because this type of material breathes well and will not feel spongy when walking on it. Also, if you are eco-friendly, this type of padding has a mixture of shredded natural wool or shredded fabrics.


Because you have a commercial business, there is likely a lot of foot traffic from customers, as well as employees. Because of this, you need to ensure the commercial carpeting is durable.

Most commercial carpeting has a low pile height. This is because longer piles can be easily pulled, and over time, this will cause a lot of damage to the carpeting. Longer piles will also be crushed because of a lot of foot traffic, and this will make the carpeting look very bad. Make sure the fibers are close together as they will not pull as easily if the fibers are spread far apart.

Talk with the carpet installer about this information, and they can give you many more details.